I fear he wants a physical relationship with me

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Updated On: August 17, 2023

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What does a married man want from an affair? A physical relationship, of course. This young girl sent an anonymous query, seeking some relationship advice from our Bonobology counsellor.

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He was her uncle but wanted a physical relationship with her

It all began when she was in her 10th Grade. She was young and impressionable, of course. The man in her story happens to be her mother’s rakhi brother. Not only was he older than her, but he was also her maternal uncle even if not by blood. They never had much interaction until the end of the 10th grade when she had to decide her elective subjects for 11th Standard. He was an engineer too. The two had conversations about politics since the election was happening then. Then, the conversations began to happen often. He’d confide in her about his joys and sorrows.

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He got married and she helped

Then he got married and being her maternal uncle, she, of course, helped through the wedding. Then he got to know about his wife’s affair. He began trusting this girl with all the details and secrets of his life and marriage. But he never left  his wife.

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The girl moved to Indore

The girl eventually moved to Indore for her higher education and the conversations had reduced over time but because he was kind of addicted to texting her, the whole thing was never called off. He even came to Indore to meet her. They went on rides, shared kisses and hugs. It made her feel guilty because he was married and by then also had a child.

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She also feels like he is interested in the physical aspect of their relationship – whatever it is. And she is hesitant about having a serious physical relationship with him. If anything, she knows she must end it once and for all.

In this counselling session, Mallika Pathak tells her what to do. Watch the video!

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