I Feel Very Shy About Sexual Exposure

I am a 25-year-old girl and I have a strange predicament. I have a boyfriend for a year now but I am scared to get close to him. I don’t want him to see my private parts. I don’t know how he will react if he does, so I keep stalling intimacy.

I Feel Very Shy About Sexual Exposure

There is something I need to tell you and something for which I need help. The skin on my private part is larger on one side than on the other side. This is from birth. Is it normal or abnormal? I feel very embarrassed and shy about sexual exposure due to it. Can it be corrected?

Dear Girl,

The private area of a female is called Vulva. Small tiny soft non-hairy inner lips are called Labia Minora and thick larger hairy outer lips are called Labia Majora. Small lips are usually less than 2-2.5 cm in size and remain covered by Labia Majora.

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Usually, interior lips remain out of sight in standing position.

Your problem is normal

There are about 400 variants of your intimate area shape and size. What you have is normal. But longer Labia Minora can bother you aesthetically or give you discomfort or itching. Sometimes if both Labia Minora is longer they stick to each other and need to be opened up manually or readjustment is needed during sexual intercourse.

It can be corrected

Some women have asymmetry in breast size and shape and want to get symmetry for it. We do it for them. In the same way, if you desire to attain symmetry in your private part through aesthetic/cosmetic means for sexual comfort it can be done.

All the best.

Riddhi Shukla

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