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FICCI FLO contest

Hello women of FICCI FLO!

Bonobology is excited to share a collaboration with you.

We invite you to share your thoughts and experiences on one of the topics mentioned above.

Word Count: Under 100 words

Contest dates: 1st December to 15th December

The top three comments will be selected at the discretion of the editorial team of Bonobology along with a representative of FICCI FLO.

The winners will be featured on our homepage via an interview along with pictures.


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  1. Follow your heart ,it knows the way. One always has to prioritize between home and work. Choose what makes you happy and what feels good not necessarily what is right. Give importance to your self and live your life at your own terms.i feel there is no point in having a very balanced home and career if you yourself are unhappy or working too hard and pushing yourself beyond your capacity. If your family loves you, they would effortlessly compromise and support your career. it would happen naturally and you dont have to work towards it, So make efforts towards creating a warm loving and understanding home .love and enjoy what you are doing every minute–

  2. The super woman in my life is my mom.
    A woman of substance,with nerves of steel and great self confidence.She changed her stream from humanities to science as no humanities was available where her father was posted.Her plus two from science and in the first go made it to the prestigious L.H.M.C Delhi,.
    A good gynaecologist,full of empathy,dynamic,handled home and hearth with elan.Spiritual,Social worker and Friendly to the core.But unfortunately passed away at sixty.Instilled great values and ettiquetes in us.
    She believed in good education for both son and daughter and people were impressed by her as she was perfect in her management.Her problems never came to the fore it was-The Show Must Go On.

  3. The superwoman in my life is my mom

    She is 80 plus and yet she teaches 4 children from an economically deprived background maths, English and moral science every day for two hours. She is very politically aware and cannot make up her mind whether she likes Arnab Goswami or not.
    Today she told me that I think Katrina and Salman Khan are getting back together again.
    Mom I did not know you are interested in Bollywood.
    “Arre aren’t actors and politicians identical,” and we both giggled!

  4. My advice to the working lady would be to realise that nobody is perfect. Both home and work are important, but not to get unduly stressed if home is neglected a bit for work. The children too realise that they have a working mother.

  5. My mother-in-law is my super woman because she raised single handed five sons with very little help from her husband. Though uneducated, she prospered by selling milk. She built a house and got her sons to stand on their own. She always remained down to earth and helped villagers with advise and money. She believed in equality and even supported her daughter-in-laws and berated her sons when there was any injustice.

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