Affair and Cheating

Finding love, letting go and longing forever after

Arjun Verma recreates a personally significant evening using the third person narrative, and tells a tale of finding love and letting it go
A Messy Bed

He unlocks the door once again. With a heavy sigh, he lets himself in. Tired and exhausted, he starts to clean the mess. Cigarette buds and beer cans, empty glasses and food packets. Clearing the remains, he begins to recollect memories from the previous night.

She jumped into his arms the moment they were inside the apartment. She just couldn’t keep her hands off him. It felt as if she was reuniting with him after a lifetime. A lifetime filled with curiosity, nervousness and separation.

She could resist no more. Running her hands through his hair, she holds him close and breathes into him. The smell of familiarity fills her up and his firm grip envelops her tightly. She couldn’t believe that he was actually with her. Finally. His presence makes her heart skip a beat, and when he kisses her finally, she melts from within.

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