Finding love, letting go and longing forever after

Finding love, letting go and longing forever after

He unlocks the door once again. With a heavy sigh, he lets himself in. Tired and exhausted, he starts to clean the mess. Cigarette buds and beer cans, empty glasses and food packets. Clearing the remains, he begins to recollect memories from the previous night.

She jumped into his arms the moment they were inside the apartment. She just couldn’t keep her hands off him. It felt as if she was reuniting with him after a lifetime. A lifetime filled with curiosity, nervousness and separation.

She could resist no more. Running her hands through his hair, she holds him close and breathes into him. The smell of familiarity fills her up and his firm grip envelops her tightly. She couldn’t believe that he was actually with her. Finally. His presence makes her heart skip a beat, and when he kisses her finally, she melts from within.

This is how powerful he was for her.

He kept her steady and firm. He kept her safe and sound. There was nowhere else where she wanted to be.

She had always been an independent girl – rebellious and strong. She was used to finding her own way, forging her own paths. But with him, the direction of her thoughts changed. She found herself relying on him. With him, she felt complete, and in that apartment, she found the happiness she never knew existed.

He, on the other hand, was the sort of a person who loved to keep things balanced. His personal and professional life synced perfectly. Yet, he longed for someone with whom he could enjoy silence. With whom he could just lie down and gaze at the stars for hours. And in her, he found that. In her, he found a safe haven.

She was on the guard all the time. Cautious and conscious about the situation. She was afraid because she couldn’t figure him out. He was a mystery for her, a puzzle, a maze that held her within, and she didn’t know her way out. But that night she has had enough of this longing. She wanted to wait no more.

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As the night progressed, the layers came undone.

Initially, she thought that it was the effect of alcohol. But soon she figured that alcohol was just a boost, and that she was actually speaking her heart out. It’s funny how piled up emotions can lead to an outburst.

She just couldn’t stop and when all the masks were off, she stood naked and exposed in front of him, he held her close like nobody ever had. Wrapping his body around hers, their souls connected into the darkness of the night; under the blanket, their naked bodies merged, taking in everything that the other had to offer.

Not demanding, not complaining, only complementing.

He was everything that she needed. It wasn’t a mere attraction that she felt. It was far more intense. Even when they lay together in silence, their hearts spoke. Every time they looked into each other’s eyes, she saw the happiness that she had always been looking out for. With him, she found her other half and there was no letting go.

She held him tightly and buried her face into his chest. She just didn’t want to leave. She longed and craved for more time.

Only if it were possible, he would have quit everything and taken her to a quiet place far, far, away from this clamorous world.

They sit silently in the taxi. Exhausted but happy, happy but sad, mixed emotions, yet crystal clear thoughts. She holds his hands within hers. Resting her head on his shoulders, she tries to hold herself together. If only such moments could last forever.

She seemed like a little child. Her eyes were blank and she looked lost. Holding her hand for the last time, he bids her goodbye. For the first time, the silence leaves them uncomfortable. Watching the train leave, he heads back with a heavy heart. While she stares out of the window, unable to feel. She had given her heart away to him. She doesn’t know if he does, but she is certain of her feelings without an iota of doubt.

He looks at the apartment for one last time. Everything was in place. Neat and clean. He quickly goes to the bedroom for one last check. The bed. It was perfectly messy. He keeps it as it is. He smiles and switches off the lights, letting the crumbled sheets remain because that is where they had found love.

They leave. The apartment remains. The bed awaits. Their hearts long…


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