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Finding Tammy….

“Everything happens for a reason.” – Sonal

Can two women who are best of friends be soul mates? Can two women who have same likes & dislikes, have similar life events & pattern too?

Everything happens for a reason. Yeh mein nahi kehti, Sonal kehti hai. (I am not saying this, Sonal says. )

I met her accidentally. Yet, I remember it as if it was yesterday. I was tensed. She was smiling. What started as a formal conversation, was the beginning of an unspoken friendship, a lifetime relationship.

Sometimes, I actually wondered if it was real. If two women could actually be so similar & have similar life pattern, but everything happens for a reason she says.

She is my emotional support. She is one of my pillars of support, most importantly she is family.

Words are actually failing me here. Maybe you should see us together to see to understand what I mean. We are like two long lost sisters who have been reunited by destiny.

She is one of the very few people whom I cling onto emotionally. My pregnancy has brought me even more close to her.

Yes, she knows me in & out. The comfort level I share with her is such that I can cry in front of her, share my deepest fears with her.

She’s the friend that I never had. Even Vintua (my best friend since childhood ) knows. Now if this isn’t special then I don’t know what is.

Time fails us collectively. Probably time is a forgone conclusion for us. Yet, its relative. I don’t know how else to describe it.

Yes, we quarrel too. We may have differences of opinion but that’s only to make us realise that we are two different individuals.

But the similarities are just too many. We often laugh when we imagine our husbands getting envious of us. But both of us remain devoted to our husbands & our families.

I keep telling her that one day when we both will be old women & sitting together, worrying about our children & perhaps criticising our husbands, we will realise the gravity of our relationship.

Yes, there’s more to write but not now. Somethings are best unspoken but I’ll wind up with what I feel.

Thank you Sonal for being there. Thank you Sonal for being a part of my life. Thank you Sonal for understanding me. Thank you Sonal for being yourself. Please don’t ever change.

Looking forward to the day when we both dye our white hairs together & make fun of our husbands.

Everything happens for a reason. Yeh mein nahi kehti, Sonal kehti hai. (I am not saying this, Sonal says. )

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