Finding your soulmate through the horrors of life

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This is Maya’s story.

It was the year 1998

Maya (name changed) got a job at a good company in town. Her family was going through a serious financial crisis, and she wanted to do her bit. She dropped out of college and accepted the offer. It was not the ideal portfolio but it paid the bills. Her boss was a flirt but she kept away from him and did not encourage his advances. Every day was an ordeal of sorts as he tried to get her alone under some pretext. Maya held her head with dignity and did not succumb to his overt glances. He made no bones that he fancied her. Maya was a pretty young girl who loved to hang out with her friends and knew when a guy was hitting on her. This was bizarre.

Eventually, fate intervened in his favor, or he made it happen, and while she was doing an inventory, he accosted her. They were alone in the office. In a couple of minutes, her life changed. He forced himself on her and raped her. Maya was a virgin. After ravaging her, he stroked her hair saying that this was their secret and left. Not knowing what to do, Maya went to the toilet and cleaned herself. Her underwear was torn, she was in pain and there was blood all over her legs. She was warned never to breathe a word to anyone or her job would be on the line. Maya did just that, but she was in shock.

Overnight she turned from a friendly, chatty girl to a quiet and subdued young woman. She did not even know what to do. She believed that she was to blame. After all, he was a handsome man, doing well in his line and was quite a catch! She tried looking for jobs elsewhere but was not able to get any. After a month, she missed her period and to her dismay found out that, she was pregnant. Maya aborted the child but lost the spark in her eyes. She left the job and after a while found another. The ex-boss went on with his life – she did not bring it to the fore. She does not ever want to do so, even now.

Maya settled down in the year 2007

She met her husband through common friends. She was not looking for a boyfriend, but he wooed her. He never made any advances but was very kind and affectionate with her during their courtship. Gaurav (name changed) was quite the romantic. He loved holding hands with Maya. He never tried feeling her up or anything. He was the perfect gentleman. He was protective but not overbearing. Maya fell in love with him. Maya and Gaurav loved being together, whether it was for a plate of chaat or indulging in ice cream. They loved hanging out together.

He won over her family with the little things that he did. For instance, when her father was ill, he was there to help him with the tests and surgeries. With her mother and siblings, he brought thoughtful gifts for them. Gaurav was the son they never had and he had proven himself over and beyond. He asked for her hand in marriage with her parents who readily welcomed him. Once he was sure of their approval, he proposed to Maya in the garden of a lovely hotel. Maya accepted his proposal. They have been married for a good ten years now.

Their Life Together

Maya never breathed a word of what happened to her to Gaurav. She prefers to keep the horrid experience away from her present and future. The early days saw her frightened of intimacy. It took her a while – she feigned illnesses. Maya was closed physically and while she was comfortable with kisses and cuddles, she was not able to go the whole way. Gaurav took things a day at a time and never forced her. It was after many months when they did consummate the marriage. Gaurav was gentle and tender. Maya cried in his arms. Knowing that something was amiss, he held her close. Gaurav never asked her any questions. He still does not.

Over time, they came to realize that Maya could not have kids. After a series of tests, the gynecologist, a kind understanding lady, let them know that it was impossible. They have both accepted this as a part of life and while adoption is an option, they prefer to be there for each other instead.

Though Maya went through a traumatic experience early on, she was able to get past the trauma. Her husband is her best friend, a dedicated partner, and a gentle considerate and spontaneous lover. They never take each other for granted and their sex life is good. She thanks God every single day for Gaurav – her knight in shining armour. The scars remain but she does laugh. While the twinkle of her 20’s may have gone, her giggles and guffaws at Gaurav and his antics melt away the pain of the past.

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Readers Comments On “Finding your soulmate through the horrors of life”

  1. We don’t need knights or shining armours or steeds. Just men who respect their fellow human beings (read women) will do. It takes lot of courage and a loving heart like Gaurav. Kudos to Maya for continuing to believe in herself and giving herself a chance.

  2. Really very heart touching .. imagining Maya sends shivers… God Bless Maya Gaurav and give the courage to lead a very Happy Life ahead… We need more like Gaurav in our society !!

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