First date

Woman on date

Remembering our first date, first crush, first love brings back lots of heart-warming memories around. It makes one always feel young at heart, be at any ode of time in our lives. Those special moments of bliss and their rememberence always brings back smile on our faces and we relish and cherish them forever.

Usually we all have wonderful and beautiful reminescenses of our first date with our beloved. But I have a memory that is not only loving but very special and quite funny aswell. We had been talking for a long time but never met alone. One fine day we decided to meet and go on our first date. It was decided that we will meet at a certain location and from there we will go to a restaurant together and spend some quality time. I was a bit late reaching the destination and my eyes searched for him anxiously. As soon as I saw him coming towards me, my heart skipped a beat and gave a leap of joy. He looked dashing in a blue shirt and jeans. I was unable to take my eyes off him.

Here comes the silly part. He came near me and took me off guard saying “hello”. I got so nervous at that point of time that instead of responding to him, I turned around and started walking in the other direction in anticipation and anxiousness. He was amazed by my strange behaviour and followed me aswell. After few steps, I realized what I did and turned around and said sorry to him for my behaviour. He was astonished and said he thought I was guiding and taking us towards an eatery probably.

Usually when two people meet they respond and greet each other in a subtle manner and here I was, making a fool of myself on my first date with my beau.

We went to a nearby restaurant after that and enjoyed our first date together laughing how stupidily I behaved. He making silly faces and saying is he so ugly and bad that I had to run away from him looking at him. And we burst out laughing loud. < This memory is so afresh in my mind that whenever I remember about this, it brings back fond memories of my golden days. A big smile appears on my face whenever I recall this beautiful moment of my life.


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