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My first touch to a lady

I was 17 years that time when this incident happend.  I was from a middle class family.  We were  staying in a colony.  There was a neighbors  house available  for rent that time.  I usually  do my studing on terrace available  at neighbors house.

That was sunday,  when new family got shifted as our new neighbor. They might be married a year ago or so. The man may be arround 30-32 years old and was tall and very simple and caring person seems to be.  His wife may be arround 28-29 years old and was in saree,  and little bit trendy, smiling face. she was the most beautiful  lady that i ever seen. We as neighbors started talking to them on the very first day.  My mother cooked a food and offered them on same day.

My family and thier family started getting close day by day. That man was working as a marketing manager in a multi national company. As a profession  he used to travel a lot,  arround 2 weeks in a month.  Most of the time he was out of town. Due to this reason his wife was got mixed with my family very quickly. I started calling them as a bhaiya and bhabhi. I was hardly talking to her.

 Most of the time i used to study on thier terrace.  That day,  bhabhi came on terrace with cloths to drain an soak in the sunlight.  She looked at me and gave a smile.  She wore a saree that time. I was sitting there and she start taking cloths from bucket.  I was sittibg such that i got a very clear and closed look of her tummy while she lift her hand up to put cloths on rope. My god..  First time i was looking any lady so closely.  Her soft and flat tummy was so delicious that i couldn’t  control staring at her. She notice that where i was looking. That time she didnt say anything and went down. That night i couldn’t  sleep well.

Next morning, my mother said me that, there is some work in neighbors  house and i have been asked to come there and help bhabhi to put household material properly.  I was nervous and confused.  Somehow i went inside her home.  She was clean house that time.  She said,  are come inside,  i was wating for you. Could you please help me to move bed in bedroom.

Why not i said

She smiled and said follow me.  We went inside.  We started moving bed slowly.  All of sudden, she shouted..  Ohhhuch ….. My back..  I ran towards her and all i hold her to make her stand up.  She sat on bed.. There was a pain in her back..she said..  Please take  balm from drawer and ask me to apply on her back…  I was started getting nervous  .. But i couldn’t  see her in pain..  So i move forwoard and pick balm from drawer…. She said.. Move fast.  ..sge hold my hand and directed me to her back…  Her soft marvelous back…  I touch her for first time…  While moving my hand on back…  She said.. I know.. Yesterday..  You were looking at my tummy and back…..

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