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Five best situations when mothers-in-law suck the life out of you

Young daughters-in-law share what their mothers-in-law do that upsets them and makes them scream in their heads, "I hate her".
Ratna Pathak

Most days the mother-in-law and daughter-in-law get along just fine… juuuust about!

However, there are some things that drive even the coolest and chirpiest bahu to grit her teeth and scream, “I hate my mil!”

What are those things?
Here’s what the bahus have shared with Team Bonobology.

1. When in spite of my best efforts she taunts me with an ‘in our time we didn’t do things like this’.

“Why can’t I catch a break?”

2. When she calls me a spendthrift for spending a tiny bit of money, but doesn’t mind spending the same amount (and more) on herself.

“Am I just a bunch of expenses to her?”

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3. When she spoils my kid (like she did my husband)… Spoiling is not love!


“I have to handle the tantrums later na. No one understands!”

4. Makes me feel guilty for even as much as thinking about going on ‘one’ dinner with my husband.

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“We live in a joint family – anyway everything is always together-together. Hum hamesha saath saath hai!”

5. Complained about me to her relatives and not to me directly.

“You said I was like your daughter… only, I now know I never will be.”

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… and then when someone tells us to be more understanding and adjusting, all that we bahus can say is…

“Aap rehne do please!”

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