Five communication mistakes that couples make!

Take care of these 5 points to avoid clashes in your relationship….

Communication is an essential part of every relationship. But most of us tend to do it wrong when in a relationship. We take our partner for granted, and as a result, make terrible communication blunders that lead to an unhappy relationship. Let’s have a look at the 5 major communication mistakes that most couples make and make a note to avoid repeating these.

We often forget that gestures like an impromptu hug and holding hands are essential non-verbal signs of love, even when one doesn’t say it out loud.

During arguments or discussions, we tend to abruptly cut what our partner is going to say by making a rigid judgement in our mind that we know what they are going to say. It’s a potential relationship killer, as it shows disrespect for the partner and hinders open communication.

Another communication mistake is our tendency to misinterpret our partner’s conversation as offensive. Give your partner a chance to clearly state what’s going on their mind and stop judging already.

Not every action or word of your partner is calculated and well-thought-out. Treating their impulsive and occasional reactions as their permanent attitude does no good to the relationship.

Finally, when two grownups have a relationship together, letting our parents speak for us makes no sense and it pushes your partner to be defensive about their interaction with you. Whatever you want to express, do it yourself and don’t involve your parents.

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