Five days since the wedding and Virat and Anushka have won our hearts twice with these two deeds

2017 has come to a colourful and celebratory close with the final wedding of the year – that of Indian skipper Virat Kohli and Bollywood beauty, Anushka Sharma. Since Virat and Anushka had a private wedding in Tuscany, Italy, we Indians who were left behind couldn’t get an hour by hour report of the much-awaited wedding.

Virat and Anushka Mehendi Source: Pinterest

As an obvious result, all of us have been devouring every bit of news about the Italy wedding. If you have diligently stalked every news channel then you would be utterly surprised and happy to know that Virat and Anushka have sold their wedding and pre-wedding photographs to a leading American fashion magazine. All the money auctioned will go a charity, as stated by a Mid-Day report.

Isn’t that absolutely adorable? Not even five days since they are hitched, and the couple has already raised the bars high. Virushka, you have won our hearts with this kind deed.

Virat Anushka Wedding
Virat Anushka Wedding

Now coming to the second deed, Anushka Sharma has never quite openly talked about her relationship with Virat. Virat on the hand has openly spoken about Anushka’s endearing presence in his life.

But breaking all her silence and hesitation, Anushka has posted a selfie from their honeymoon in the snow-capped mountains of Europe. And there you go; we are all in awe and aww over this super cute, head-over-heels-in-love honeymoon selfie.

Anushka has captioned her selfie as “In heaven, literally.” And we can see the heaven in the backdrop as well as their love-struck eyes.

This is the second time since their wedding that they have won our hearts, all over again.

Keep giving such solid relationship goals, Virat and Anushka. And keep winning our hearts! Much love.


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