Five Indian women confess their first time

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What is it like to have sex for the first time? These five Indian women tell us…

We have read novels and seen movies and that has made us have a certain perception and expectation of ‘first-time sexual experiences.’ Would it hurt immensely? Would it all go smoothly? Would it be dreamy? Or, messy? The anticipation of the first time experiences, does it make the whole deal better? When women confess their first time it is very interesting.

Five women have made confessions about their first time sexual experiences

Confession 1: This woman told us that her first time happened at a party. Her boyfriend and she were in a room and their friends were right outside. They possibly even had the inkling about what they were indulging in. She goes ahead saying that in her first time, she couldn’t really do it. But it was in her second time that the couple had fabulous foreplay. But she says that even though the foreplay was amazing, her ‘big O’ moment did not happen for her. So maybe, all in all, she had a great time but was slightly disappointed by the climax, perhaps.

Just like her, four other women confessed and talked about their first-time sexual activity. Some were fantastic, some not so much.

Every first-time experience is unique as this video says.

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