Five romantic things you can do with your spouse while it is raining outside


The Monday alarm clock jolts you awake and you cannot help but start your morning with a curse. But hey, why is there so much darkness? That is when the smell of petrichor reaches you and you know it is raining hard outside. You and your spouse share that mischievous glance with each other, now that you have seen the silver lining in the clouds.

Here’s how you can take that break from the world and indulge in the five romantic things with your spouse while it is raining outside.

#1 Brew your favourite coffee and take pleasure in the simple joy of watching rain fall.

Rainfall is a natural indicator of love. With the sky making love to earth, the very atmosphere has a very relaxing, soothing and calming effect on our nerves. In this weather, the only desire is to come closer and snuggle. So, allow the warmth of coffee to gently spread across your body while the rainfall to heals your mind.

#2 Take a trip down memory lane.

How many years has it been since you opened your photograph album, and cherished those memories? When was the last time you opened that box of gifts, cards and love letters? Take a trip down memory lane and tell your story once again to each other. In the daily race of modern life, rarely do we get a chance to have a meaningful conversation, to show our happiness at being together, to relieve the beautiful memories of the past. So when rain gives you that chance, take it.

#3 Watch the movie list you always wished to with your spouse but never got the chance.

With our senses dampened, a general feeling of laziness overpowers. In this case what could be the most interesting way to spend the time than binge watching all those romantic movies that had given you butterflies and had added the spice to your life? Blanket + Hubby + Movie at Home = Best Romantic Date

#4 Cook that spicy lunch or dinner you have always wanted to.

So many people bond around the world over food. Cook your favourite meal together and enjoy it together with a glass of wine. Cooking might seem the most boring thing to do, but trust me; it is the most enjoyable task when done together. (For ladies – what they say is actually true, nothing turns you on more than watching your man spice it up only for you.)

#5 Forget everything. Just have sex!

Words need not be spoken here.


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