Flaws & Perfection….

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A perfect individual is the one who succeeds after multiple attempts. Well, I really don’t know how true this is. For me, perfection is a myth.

I have never been a perfect girl/woman. I transformed from an extrovert girl to an introvert & reserved woman at the age of 17. Certain incidents have a long lasting impact on you, the same holds for me too.

I don’t believe in judging people. But the first two conversations are enough to convince me if I should continue talking to that person or not.

When I accept someone in my life, I do with their flaws too. For me, intention & loyalty matters. I give more than 100% to my relationships. I give everyone their space & expect the same from them. Yes, I cling onto some people emotionally but only because they are my emotional pillars just as I am to them. Does that make me weak? No! It only makes me stronger!

People who make fun of others for being emotionally dependent on others themselves are so weak that they don’t even know about it. Being or pretending to be strong is not courageous. Courage is admitting to your flaws most importantly accepting that you need love.

However, the perception of today’s so called new generation is otherwise. I belong to this generation but not to their school of thoughts.

Being a woman, I am empathatic, emotional & evolving as per my husband’s & my loved ones moods. I tend to find happiness in my loved ones happiness. Perhaps that’s why I don’t find the need to be overly ambitious. I do have ambitions but not at the cost of my loved ones.

If my ambitions are destined to get fulfilled, I will find a way. If not, then no regrets. I’ll take life as it comes.

But before I end, just a request. Next time someone tells you that they are perfect or have no place for emotions, just smile at them & wish them luck. They are the ones who need it the most than anybody else.


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