Affair and Cheating

I’ve forgiven my husband for his affair but I still don’t feel at peace

She came back to her husband after finding out about his extramarital affair, but now she regrets her acceptance
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Shekhar slept peacefully beside me. His nostrils flared and his stomach went up and down. And I kept on looking at him sleep. I wish I could look at him with love. I wish I could feel the urge in me again to want to gently snuggle up to him so that our breaths and bodies synchronised. But I couldn’t. The image of Saheli doing that kept on cropping up. And I let her crop up in my mind. For after what had happened, it was as if the Mrs. Shekhar in me had died.

Here’s when I started smelling signs of an affair

The first time I smelt something fishy was when I smelt something fruity on his shirt. I’m not a fan of fruity smells and, in fact, over the years, I had begun using the same musky smell I used to choose for my husband. Our two sons too used the same smell. So when I smelt something fruity, I was a little surprised. And everyday before putting Shekhar’s shirt into the washing machine, I began smelling it. Most days it was musky, but at times it smelt fruity.

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She cheated on him and now fears he might have a counter affair

What if I had never discovered my spouse’s cheating?

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