Affair and Cheating

Forgiving my partner’s affair to reclaim my life

He trusted her, but was the trust strong enough to forgive her transgression?
Three Hands

The day hadn’t been going good. Nothing feels right on days that begin without hearing her voice. The morning playlist seems dull, tea too strong, and water hotter than needed.

Fights are not uncommon between us, but it is only once or twice in these seven years I have been pushed to an extent that I had to tell her this relationship can’t go on. Not this way.

I wanted her to change. I justified this unjust demand by telling her that I changed a lot for her. It’s only partly true. I changed, but it wasn’t for her. It was for myself. I refined myself every second so that I could feel confident enough to be at the receiving end of her love, to deserve her affection, to be worthy enough of being the first person she thinks of every morning and the last before she retires.

She has always accepted the way I am, with all my flaws. But I wanted to change her.

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