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Fragments & Fragnances….

Every time I feel life is falling apart, a fragrance emerges from those fragments. Life has never been a bed of roses but what’s a rose without thorns?

I’m not ready to give up yet. I’m not just a life in itself but I am carrying life inside me. If that shouldn’t motivate me, then I don’t know what will?

Yet, I expect my loved ones to be there for me in my current yet critical phase.

Pregnancy is not an ordinary phase. It’s unique & special in every sense. I am fortunate to be blessed to be in this phase.

The pain will all be worth it. The wait is all the more sweet. Motherhood isn’t just a phase, it’s a moment that every woman waits to live for.

Some emotions are better felt than said. Some joys are better experienced than spoken about.

All I ask from my loved ones is to be there for me.

For every fragment there is a fragrance. Motherhood is not just a phase, it’s an emotion.

Let me live my emotion when my time comes but until then all I ask for is love & care.

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