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They say that sex is the natural order and without a certain amount of sex, you can wind up stressed out, crabby, lost, uncomfortable, feel something is missing… you get the drift. However, quite a number of people seem to be enjoying freedom from the rigors that sex brings and some of them happily married or in committed relationships too! Whoa! Did you hear right? That is true, many married couples do not copulate because, well because they just do not, period. How about we look into the phenomenon as we ask ourselves whether sex is all that important in committed relationships as the greats profess.

Women apparently lose interest in sex after a certain age because the pleasure that they derived earlier seems to go down the drain. Men too. I do not know if this is a fact, but when you think about it, how many women and men over 60 are indulging in robust sex. When you think about it, imagine your folks getting down and dirty. Sounds weird doesn’t it, but according to the grapevine, many couples prefer cuddling or conversation rather than the whole nine yards.

Sex toys seem to be making a comeback with men and women preferring to get their jollies with something that does not talk back, expects cuddling, or cause them any harm. Of course, some toys do (cause harm), but we are not looking at heavy metal just the plain old dildo that gives women the freedom of getting pregnant.

Then the problem as I said about getting pregnant, not many couples want the hassle of looking after kids, so instead of the shove and shuttle, they prefer a dry hump. Well, that goes to prove that maybe just maybe people may just get back to foreplay and rid their bodies of tension that builds up because of no fun, at all.

Careers also play crazed roles why men and women choose not to copulate. The no time for action seems to be the norm, resulting in limited spent with each other, and no camaraderie of sorts. Perhaps that is why we have work ‘husbands’ and work ‘wives’ who do not get down and dirty but just get the other person.

Children also play spoilsport when couples want a quickie but forget the moment because the kids are having a pow-wow in the kitchen, tests are around the corner, they need more time with the parents. And, basically cuddling the cuddly kids is cuter than clumsy sex.

There you have it, I am not too sure if I have got this down pat, but it seems to be quite the norm where sex seems to be going out the door. I partially recall this response from a well-known personality who when quizzed about his sex life, responded that making a movie a movie was far more exciting than clumsy sex. Not his exact words, I confess, but something to that effect.

You get the tone, people are still having sex. People are not having sex. Sex is something to think about. Sex is not always the reason to cohabit. Basically, this three-letter word has many going into a tizzy. It also has a considerable many not wanting the fizzy.

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Readers Comments On “Freedom from sex – let’s talk about no sex”

  1. Saloni Maheshwari

    Agreed. Sex is important and without it, you will lose interest in your relationship as well. No matter how much you love each other. But sex brings you more close.

  2. Sex plays a very important part in building up a relationship. Sex makes a relationship very intimate and cozy. People now-a-days tend to lose out on the importance of sex because of their work life.

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