Friendship between opposite sex is always clubbed with desire

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Minu was married and at the ripe age of forty plus she enjoyed small words of praise for her. And without realizing she too enjoyed the words said by her son’s friend. She thought that there was nothing wrong in such a friendship , but when a simple friendship turned out to be her heart’s desire she didn’t knew.

Minu was just forty plus and also happily married mother of a young handsome boy of twenty one years of age, this was the time when she needed lot of attention of her family but everyone was engaged in the quest for establishment and somehow everyone started taking her granted .They had forgotten that she too had some feelings which needed to be nurtured and it was at this crucial moment that her neighbour’s son Sonu who was just twenty eight years old and always at home started to mingle with her subdued feelings. Minu though in the beginning only entertained his shattered dreams and tried to implant only positivity in him. Minu’s son was also Sonu’s friend but her son was working in a reputed company and Sonu still jobless.

Sonu too was going through a very difficult phase of his life he was an engineering dropout with IT skills and here no job to evade,so he too needed someone to talk his feelings out. It was at this time that Minu tried to council him and slowly slowly they became very good friends .Now even they started chatting if they couldn’t meet. He used to share everything with her and she too loved to listen to him for hours together they chatted throughout the night.This went on for some months and now both started liking each other Sonu started openly expressing his feelings for her over his chats though initially Minu resisted his feelings but later on she too loved to talk to him. It was only he who understood Minu and her dreams. Minu couldn’t understand her feelings as she enjoyed every moment when she was with him. Many a times she asked me whether it was allowed to think about someone so much right? “I thought so” would be my answer.

Now their friendship went on for one and a half years and during this whole period of friendship they never touched each other but only spent time in long chats, sometimes about their job crisis and sometimes about his desires to meet her once alone.

Minu now after a year and a half decided to go out with him as he had requested many a time about it. She was very happy to spend a full day with him together very close to him, continuously gazing at each other but just speechless. Minu all the time went on asking “Sonu I hope this is allowed in friendship”, and Sonu of course liked to be with her most of the time .

Now this went on for few days but one day her husband wanted to go out with her to see where she was going and with whom ? This disturbed her very much she quickly texted Sonu as it was not possible to go to his house and inform him not to come that day. Everything was done but Minu made a mistake she forgot to delete the last message from her mobile and here everything went Topsy -turvy her husband burst out with lot of questions after coming home ,though her son trusted his mother and of course his friend told his Dad “Daddy please trust mom . After all Sonu is my friend how can you believe mom to do such a thing?”

This question further tormented Minu as she knew she was not doing anything wrong only that she loved to be in his company , but it was also true that she was hiding everything from the family …..but she couldn’t help she really couldn’t understand whether it was Desire or Friendship???……

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Readers Comments On “Friendship between opposite sex is always clubbed with desire”

  1. Minu almost committed emotional cheating on her husband. This narration indicates how a selfish, coward can destroy herself and her family. She had feelings which her family had taken her for granted. Fine. What she has done to improve on this? Is she not wife of her husband? For whom her husband is struggling for- for her and her family only? Is her husband a God that he understand her feelings in an instant and act on this? No her husband is also a human being but not God. Then why did not she initiate discussion with him on her desires/expectations/dreams/feeling of being wanted etc? Why she did keep mum ? Why did not she initiate romance in their so called mundane married life? The daring she had in confessing and encouraging a young boy of his sons friend, she did not dare to discuss /act with her husband? Then what were her intentions-Showing circumstances and blaming the spouse she wants to enjoy cheating? She expects her husband to be a God and like God Vishnu/God Shiva her husband is pervading everything in the universe and is omnipotent so that he understand her instantly and fulfill her desires? What a joke. It is shame that she had emotional affair with her sons friend. Lust/Desire are good as long as they are directed at right person but will pull down a person to the level of animal to the extent that person gets blinded /intoxicated with desire & will not discriminate with whom they are dealing & what they are doing. Irony is that every wife expects their significant other only to fulfill every thing & never thinks bloody what they have contributed to rectify the issue except for blaming the circumstances and their spouse and longing for outsider to fulfill the desire/lust. She had herself clear that the relationship is beyond friendship because she did not cutshort when Sonu expressed his feelings and she hid the relationship from family & spent hrs of chatting, meeting and gazing at each other. By Gods grace, some wiser sense prevailed which prevented them from getting physical. This is classic case how spouses dont work on their marriage but look for outside pleasures and destroy many innocent lives.

  2. SreeRam Gupta

    This is really ridiculous. Looks like a mom of 42 years does lack any sense of judgement of what’s right and wrong. Minu’s husband has all rights to be possessive about his wife and so does Minu about her husband. Getting consoled by Sonu who is struggling in life? What is wrong here is that when anyone is married, there comes expectations (from the society). There are imposed senses of right or wrong. Of course many choose to follow wherever their “heart leads them”, but to many others such behavior is infantile or perhaps more appropriately irresponsible.

    I just had a question: what if this friendship between Minu and Sonu turned physical? What if she crossed the line? Should she be forgiven as the “wronged wife”?

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