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My friendship with my guy friend is still going strong, thanks to my husband’s trust

Can a man and a woman really be best friends? Damini speaks to Priya Chaphekar about her pure friendship before and after marriage.
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(As told to Priya Chaphekar)

Our society has come a long way since the ‘90s – Hershey’s is available at Hypercity, H&M has spread its wings all over the country and we have the fastest 4G download speeds. Snapchat has made it easier to create and erase memories in a jiffy and Tinder helps you swipe and connect with people you find attractive.

Society thinks a man and woman cannot be simply friends

All said and done, one thing that hasn’t changed at all is how people perceive the relationship between a man and a woman. But just like a beautiful pink lotus stemming from gooey brown mud, my friendship with Vishal blossoms with the silken burst of purity.

“Can a man and a woman really be friends?” Now that’s a question so many friends ask us. And when we say yes, they think we’re either lying or pretending to be oh-so-naïve. I’ve been out with many men who wanted more than just a good conversation over coffee. But with Vishal it was different. No, he was never my secret backup or a closet crush. In fact, he played Cupid and introduced me to my now husband, who, by the way, is completely fine with us being so close. “This known devil I know is better,” he quips.

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  1. You are lucky to have a husband who completely trusts you and your friend. And to maintain the friendship after marriage, a husband has to be extra supportive and co-operative. It’s actually a bliss!

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