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From a girl to a wife to a mother – my journey


Right since childhood until I was 17, I was this vivacious, chirpy young girl from Delhi who could give it back to people if they intimidated her. I was a complete chatterbox who would talk nonstop to show how “chic” I could be.

But then as they say, “mujhe kisi ki nazar lag gayi.” I was sexually assaulted by my own uncle & to make things worse, everyone around me started saying that I am a living clone of my mother.

My mother is a doctor by profession & we both look exactly like each other, prompting people to call us twin sisters rather than mother-daughter.

All our relatives, friends & other people known to our family started expecting me to take up medicine, following my mother’s footsteps. But I found the entire situation so overwhelming that I slipped into depression & wanted to give up my studies.

Both my parents played a critical role in bringing me out of my depression & I chose arts much to our relatives shock.

But my parents stood by my decision & told me to do what I wished to. As my mother says, “it’s people’s job to judge you. Your job is to be yourself. Do a good job of it.”

I completed my mass communications graduation from one of the best girls & women’s college in the capital city.

For a brief while, I even wanted to be an actress & a model. I underwent a permanent laser hair removal treatment & even modelled for a couple of saree showrooms in Karol Bagh & CP.

But I realised that I’m not going to bend my principles and I took up a job in an MNC in NCR region so that I could remain with my parents in Delhi.

I didn’t have any boyfriend so my parents decided to get me married to my dad’s best friend’s youngest son who is elder to me by 4.5 years.

From being a complete stranger, my husband slowly but steadily won my trust & heart as I became pregnant 9 months after my marriage.

I lost my father when I was 4 months pregnant. I was shattered but my husband, my mother brought me out of the trauma.

I delivered twin baby boys in the month of July. My husband decided to relocate & shift his business to Delhi  (that’s another story of why he took that decision).

Today, I’m not just a daughter. I’m a mother. I’m a wife. & my journey has just begun.

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