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From a mother to a teenaged girl….


Since I was carrying twins, my pregnancy was complicated & I was strictly confided to bed rest. Though I was rushed to my parents home in Delhi in my second trimester because of my father’s sudden demise, I really couldn’t go out except for my routine checkup & tests.

Even after my delivery, looking after my twin babies became my priority & except for their vaccination & doctor visits, I hardly get to go out.

My babies recently completed 4 months. Last week, I received an invitation from one of my school teachers for her 60th birthday celebrations.

I wasn’t quite ready to go as my mother is recovering from malaria & my husband is relocating himself to Delhi and I decided to give the event a skip.

But my mother, my elder brother & his wife convinced me to go as my teacher’s residence is not very far away from my parents home.

As sarees are my favourite attire, I decided to wear my favourite saree & matching accessories. I also had some breast milk for my babies as I am not feeding them any formula milk just in case of an emergency.

The first thing that everyone who saw me at the party said was, “tum kitni bhar gayi ho. Pehle to tum kitni patli thi!” Yes, I was thin before my pregnancy but I wasn’t pale. I was blessed with a good figure & metabolism which helped me remain in shape. But pregnancy & delivery do send your body shape for a complete toss.

Everyone found me completely different from my pre-marriage days. They all said that I look like my elder sister. To be honest, I found it flattering.

I interacted with my school teachers & friends like I never had. (I’m an introvert & suffer from social anxiety disorder ) I was surprised at the way I was smiling & talking to everyone.

Everyone felt that I had become my vivacious,  teenaged self that I was. (I am suffering from social anxiety disorder & became an introvert because I was sexually assaulted when I was young which resulted in me losing my confidence of being the chirpy, vivacious girl that I was.)

I was surprised at my own self too. But the moment I stepped out of my teacher’s home, I became my normal self.

I am born & brought up in Delhi. I have spent the first 25 years of my life here. I simply cannot imagine myself in another city even though I have spent a few months in Mumbai where my husband is based.

All I know is that I became a teenaged girl again for about the one & a half odd hours that I spent at my teacher’s house that day.

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    1. This article is a beautiful example of how motherhood changes everything! Stay the way you are! More power and love to you girl!

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