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From the diary of a mom!

Diary of a Mom

AT 7:30 AM – As I ran hastily to drop my son off to school, little did I notice that I was wearing the wrong pair of shoes! I ran like a superman and imagined myself of having a red scarf tied near my neck but no, I wasn’t wearing the undergarments on my pants for I’m of course a better version of him. My hair was tucked in a bun so that they don’t look like a broom! I huffed as I reached the school bus stop, looking like an alien. I held a school bag on one shoulder and his project work in the same hand. I held my son’s palm in the other hand so that we don’t get lost like in a mela.

Yes, I forget that we live in a gated, secured multi-storied building and it’s not populous like Kumbh! My aim was only to reach on time and not to miss the school bus. In my head, I was singing 1, 2…buckle my shoe…3,4..shut the door….at 5,6…I picked the keys….and the moment arrived when my angelic child boarded the bus, waved a hand at me and blew a kiss in the air. I swear, it’s the only time I find kids look innocent. And victoriously, I turned to get back to my errands. I said to myself, “Ja Simran! Ji le apne 4 ghante!!”

AT 8:30 AM – I was in the shower revising repeatedly the tasks at hand. The door bell rang, not sure if it happens to anyone else but the door bell and shower work on the same clock with me. I turn on one and the other starts ringing. I wrapped my towel around and ran towards the door to check on who it was. I whispered from inside and there wasn’t a reply. Alas, I went back to shower.

AT 9:00 AM – I drove to my workplace and was stopped at the traffic signal. A shabbily dressed lady with 5 kids and one infant in her arms walked towards me and spread her one hand on my car’s window glass. As guessed, she asked for help. She was a beggar. By God, I wanted to give her contraceptive pills instead. She can’t earn a living and was heading a herd instead!

AT 2:30 PM – Kids and I were back from our respective jobs. They looked like they survived a tornado – dirty and crumbled school uniforms were the testimony of their hardships. They had lot to share with me, inclusive of “that cute girl of my class was absent today” to “my class teacher’s perfume smelled heavenly. May be that was Davidoff”. I’ve two kids of different age groups and it’s evident that the first remark was from my son in class 1 whilst the latter from my daughter in class 6.

AT 5:00 PM – Play area seemed like a circus. Kids jumped like monkeys from the slides that defeated the purpose of it. Until then, I only knew that the slides are for kids to sit and slide down that brings joy on their faces. May be such kids exist only on television advertisements….

AT 9:00 PM – Done with dinner and off to bed with story telling marathon, my eyes, heavy and closed, were perturbed by loud giggles of my kids. Reason was – I mixed up Goldilocks and mommy Pig and after a grueling day it’s heavenly to see kids sleep.

I once again thanked GOD for the beautiful life, for the umpteen memorable movements and safe haven.

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  1. Mommies are our very own superheroes. 😉
    Every day is a fresh battle… But worthy one!

    God knows how restless I become if I don’t have my mommy around me for few hours! 😀

    1. @Shobha Mahapatra. .it’s an unexplainable experience to be a mom…very satisfying. ..unconditional. ..
      Agree, I can’t imagine a day without speaking with my mom …now that we live so far off…

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