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Full Moon in my Dark Sky

Big Ben London

She filled my pages with her scribblings. She braided my fear,coward,worries into thick donuts and threw away.

Having friend like A makes my previous birth proud where, I’m damn sure that I was worth and sin free and that’s why god gifted me a soul friend forever. I have got big circle of friends yet none is similar to her. Some are witty,quirky,funny,cynical but no one could step into her shoes to pair up with mine. I have spent 14yrs of junglee life with her with lot of fun rides, punishments, laurels,agonies, surprises,make up lessons and etc. We each other know how deep our hearts are to hold our pains and gains. 

She is such a foodie who wants to try all varieties unmindful of bills. The only policy and motto in her life is to live happily without any hurdles. I love her extremely for her confidence and valor towards any battles in life. At her young age,she has witnessed all problems and learnt a huge lesson with her relatives and society.

She is a heavenly being. She donates her blood and hair for cancer patients. She helps lots of children suffering from heart disease. She buys food and water for beggars. She plants saplings. Every weekend she attends bhajans and a lovely visit with orphanages and senior citizen home. She strongly believes love is nowhere but it’s within us to spread. Happiness must be created by ourselves, never believe relations and society. They are monsters around us planning to bury our dreams.

Her childhood life turned her into super women. Because of her, now I’m a girl with full swank saying she is another mother in my life who has paved a clean path to ignite my talents.

Thank you my dear A for blooming as a rose flower with lots of thorns under your feet in my garden. You never want to show your inner pains with me but I never allow you to worry all alone in your deserted island.

My friend A you are my person with whom I can share what I feel, you prove me right and wrong and you never let me down. Let our friend SHIP sail in salty seas with our sweet memories forever. I never wanna leave you. I pray almighty to give you strength and success forever.

I miss you a lot. Come back from your travel to london  as soon as possible. Can’t spend my days without your mischievous smile and tiffs.

I’m writing this for Stay now, because in another lifetime you couldn’t….!

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