How to create a spark when there is no common interest between partners Q&A with Prachi Vaish

How to create a spark when there is no common interest between partners? Prachi explains. Prachi Vaish the counsellor of Bonobology and renowned Relationship expert answers that on FB live session

Do you have no common interests that you share with your partner? Want to create a spark in such circumstances? What are the signs of a spark between two people? Romantic chemistry explained by the counsellor on Bonobology and renowned relationship expert, Prachi Vaish, on Bonobology’s Facebook live session.

Having no common interests between partners

Usually, it’s thought that liking the same things and sharing similar interests creates chemistry between people. But, it’s not necessary to be fond of his obsession with watching football matches and similarly, he might not be enthusiastic to go shopping with you. The best part of being in a relationship is that you get introduced to several new things, some of which might not interest you. But, to create a spark between your partner and yourself, you do not need to like all that he does.

So, how to create a spark between two people?

You do not have to like something that your partner likes. You just need to like it enough to enjoy it together. If there is something that gets your partner excited and enthusiastic, you need to take part in it, just to share some laughs and have fun along with them. Basically, just find a common ground for your partner and yourself. Accompany them in doing things that they find pleasure in simply because seeing them happy and chirpy gives you joy.

Moreover, in life, all of us are evolving every single day. So it wouldn’t be surprising to find something that might connect with you as well. You may come across some new activities that might amuse you as well. Eventually, the goal is to spend quality time with your partner which will create the spark that you were looking out for. Their cheerfulness might as well be an incentive for you, right? Sometimes an extra effort also helps to fix a broken relationship.

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