Gifts for the newly wed

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Nowadays it is better to present cash in envelopes or gift cheques to the newly-wed couple. It is assumed that the couple will buy something of their choice with the collective cash amount running into thousands of rupees – an expensive phone or a big screen LED TV or spend it on air tickets for their exotic honeymoon.

There are several reasons discouraging guests from giving presents these days. First of all, invitees do not have the time to go and shop for the couple. Besides, there is a limitation of budget ticking in their heads. Valuable gift items are costly. And they do not want to be seen gifting bed sheets, dinner sets, and photo frames all the time.

Guests cannot think of a wide range of items to choose from. If they go for a silk sari or fine suit piece material, it exceeds their budget. Even after gifting it, the bride is not likely to be ‘very happy’ with it. She is happiest – flashes a broad smile – when she collects gift cheques or envelopes stuffed with cash.

Suppose a guest spends a couple of hours buying a sari from a store, there is no guarantee that the bride or her family will be happy to get it. The love and labour in getting the gift is never appreciated. In case it turns out to be gaudy or the colour is not of her choice, then the sari will be forwarded as a gift to some other person.

In several cases, many gifts are recycled, particular the ones of lower value and the ones not matching the taste. What is received from a friend or relative is packaged again and gifted to someone else during an appropriate occasion like birthday or anniversary.

What do you do with loads of gifts received during the marriage reception? How do you categorize them after the function is over? Close relatives and friends open the boxes and try to identify who has gifted what. Clever folks just gift without writing their names on the boxes! Such anonymous gifts turn out to be of poor quality in most of the cases though the packaging is highly attractive.

Items not liked are also distributed among maids and drivers or other needy people. The few good ones that match the taste of the couple are set aside. It is not necessary that every good item will be liked by the couple. The bride or the groom should have a taste for it otherwise it is worthless. Not many couples relish a collection of love poetry books or the complete works of Shakespeare!

Instead of racking the brains to understand what the couple would appreciate or love to have, it is much better, safer and easier to gift hard cash and complete the formality of presenting a gift to the newly-wed pair.

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