Girlfriend secretly illustrates her everyday love story

relationship illustrator

Have you ever looked a picture online with your significant other and said, “Look, babe, this is so us!” Catana Chetwynd, 22, from New York started her own online illustrating page on Instagram, called Catana Comics.

These cute love comics are all inspired by Chetwynd and her boyfriend Jon who have been dating for more than two years now. Initially, these drawing and illustrations were not intended to be posted online, but with great response, around 100k likes on each post and over 1 million followers, Catana started posting the love comic online. “John continues to love them and he is constantly giving me ideas for the new posts,” she stated.

couple who made illustrator
(Couple in Real Life)

Some of her illustrations state some real dating facts

When you had a long day and you are each other’s rescue.

When you don’t want your bae to leave you and go for work

When you know each other’s way of chillin’


When your girlfriend needs attention more than she needs oxygen to live!

Trimming a beard should be an offense.

When your definition of Netflix’ n Chill is different than others.

When you just can’t contemplate that your boo dated girls before


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