“If you had to go on a date with a movie star who would it be and why?

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We love films and even our film stars. And we often dream of meeting them or imagine getting a chance of dating your favouriate movie star. So we give you a chance to dream and tell us if you were given a chance to go on a date with your favouriate movie star, who would it be and why? Come share your dreams with us and win some cool prizes. All you have to do is pick your star and tell us why would you like to date him/her.

What’s in store for winner?

a) Best caption winner gets Rs 1000 worth Amazon vouchers

b) Winner who tags most number of users gets Rs 1000 Amazon vouchers (Tag your friend on the contest page after the comment using modification feature)

(Please note that the decision of Bonobology team will be final)

Contest starts on 6th June, 2017

Last date for submission: 7th June, 2017

Winners will be announced on 9st June 2017

Please leave your comment on contest page and tag your friends on it.

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