Go Easy, Mom.


‘Wonder Words’ is a creative writing workshop for kids that I regularly conduct from my residence. My primary aim is to encourage children between the ages of 6 and 13 to give wings to their imagination and put their wonderful thoughts and ideas on paper. The idea is to go beyond the cliché and think out of the box.

At the risk of sounding immodest, I can quite confidently vouch for the fact that the children really enjoy the workshop. No school curriculum is adhered to and there is complete freedom to pen down their innermost desires and apprehensions too. At the same time, I help them to enhance their vocabulary, avoid grammatical mistakes and pen down their ideas in a structured manner.

Through my endeavour, I have often met the parents of these children too. Although there are parents who really encourage and motivate their kids positively, there are also those who have already put their kids in the ‘rat race’.

‘Competition’ is the key word, and ‘one- up man ship’ the mantra. Their kids have become their prize trophies, to be flaunted in their elite circle of friends.

In order to make these ‘trophies’ worthy of being flaunted, parents rush their harrowed kids from one coaching class to another from one ‘sports’ class to another so that they eventually become the ‘wonder kids’ that their parents have always dreamt of having. No matter how tired the child is or how disinterested he is in a particular sport or activity, he is cajoled into pursuing it. My firm advice to such parents is ‘Go easy Mom’.

In our quest for what we feel is doing the best for our kids, let’s not deny them the small pleasure of childhood that, once lost will never be found again. I do not discount the need for encouraging or helping our kids to realise their complete potential in any field. I also firmly believe that if not nudged gently from time to time they do tend to lose focus. There are many kids, who if left to their own resources will never go beyond becoming ‘couch potatoes’. Hence guidance and direction are a must.

All I ask parents to do is to give children the liberty to choose the activities they enjoy and in future the educational courses that they would like to pursue. There are times when we really need to let them “be”. If we become their crutches, how will they ever learn to walk independently?

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