Good marriage is like a perfect fit bra

perfect fit bra

If there is anything I have learnt with time in terms of married life and romance then it is that one has to be like a perfect bra to be a good spouse for a happily married life.<

1. All round support and no sagging: The very first quality of a good. Support your partner completely and never let him/her down. Keep your promises and respect your partner’s dignity. Make him/her feel secure always.

2. Perfect fit, neither too tight nor too loose: Too tight a bra and it would leave red rashes on one’s body; too loose and the body looks odd and uncomfortable. Similarly one needs to adjust like the straps of a bra to make sure that one’s partner is comfortable and the partners are neither dominating each other nor ignoring each other all the time.

3. Show off that cute bra strap a little: While I don’t think excessive public display of affection is classy, I really think that a little display of affection in public in a modest way has its own charm. Small hugs, peck on cheeks, a wink, holding hands or anything that can convey the message that ‘You are always on my mind, baby!’

4. Glam it up a little sometimes: Who doesn’t like a good lace bra once in a while. Similarly dressing up for each other or dressing down ? is good for one’s married life. Considering your spouse’s likes and dislikes is a very basic way to show that you care for each other.

5. Ah! The sweet relief of taking off a bra once in a while: No, I am not talking about taking a break in a relationship. I am talking about giving the much needed space to each other. Some alone time to read, watch television, movies or spa or just standing in the balcony, it is important that we understand that we should not be too clingy.


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