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Goodbye Tinder? Goodbye hook-up artistes?

A new dating app from LINKD may be looking at the dating game beyond just sex, say reports

According to a report published in the UK, “Tinder used to be the go-to app for most youngsters, but with an ever-growing number of people turning away from the dating service there’s a new way to date in town.”

The founders of the business claim it offers a real alternative to the mindless, sex-driven cliché world of dating we now live in.”

The report in the Express says: “LINKD is different because it mixes intelligent matching technology with an unrivalled, curated list of London’s hottest dating spots.

This is the first time a dating app has looked beyond a basic matchmaking service, combining both online profiles with an offline experience.

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According to Patric Okumi, CEO and Co-Founder of LINKD: “Many UK daters are sick to death of hook-up apps, which force them into making horrible dating decisions they often regret. ‘Bad Tinder’ dates have become a punchline to a joke that many single people wish they could forget.”

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“LINKD is for everyone who is actually serious about dating, without the expensive subscriptions and hollow promises of everlasting love. People have less time than ever before, but by using our intelligent matching technology, combined with our curated list of dating hotspots, LINKD takes the hassle out of finding quality dates, and helps find great places to take them.”

He added” “At LINKD, cheaters and hook-up artists need not apply.”

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