Grandparents in love.Forever.

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As a child, you probably spent much of your time with your grandparents rather than your mom and dad. Well, I did too. There is something about time with our grandparents that we all love, maybe it’s their bedtime stories or maybe it’s because they are always up for an adventure.

I am Susy and today I am going to talk about Jim and Shirlie, my Grandparents and their romantic love story.

When my grandpa Jim was a freshmen in a college in El Serrano, a church in California sponsored his room. So, just after school started, Jim wanted to take his roommates to the church and introduce them. Just after the evening service, the father invited everyone to lunch and being college students, everyone loved to eat. So, they went to the house and as my grandfather entered he saw a picture on the fireplace that caught his attention. Jim walked over closer to the picture and said “That’s the girl I want to marry”.

My grandma, Shirlie was going to college in New York at the time and she was dating somebody. One day she got a letter in the mail from Jim which said, “Oh! I was going by the jewelry store and I saw some beautiful rings, and I like you”. Shirlie loved boys and liked dating but surely didn’t wanted to get married. But just shortly after her father, who was the Pastor, said that he was going down for a conference in Al Serrano she decided that she wanted to join him. Her mother said “yes surely you should go, maybe you will meet your special someone”.

Meanwhile in California, Jim’s friend said “there is a conference by the school and we would like you to come because there is a girl down there we would like you to see”. So, Shirlie went to the conference and spoke to some of the girls. After the conference she saw her father talking to this guy. She walked over to her dad and he said “Jim I would like you to meet my daughter Shirlie” and Jim said “I liked very much meeting your daughter”.

Then, Shirlie waked over to her house and her mother asked did she meet someone special and Shirlie said “NO but I met the person whom I am going to marry”. So, few days later she went back to college and waited every single day for a letter and one day and envelope came and inside was a catalog, just a catalog. Shirlie thought this boy needs some help. She wrote him back and then they began to write letters back and forth to each other.

But then, Shirlie started dating someone else and they had a Missions conference where she realized that he was not the right person for her. She decided that from then on she wouldn’t date anyone. She wrote a letter to Jim and said that she wanted to be a missionary and she was interested in the land of Germany. Surprisingly, Jim also had a Missionary conference and he went forward to accept the invitation to become one because he wanted Shirlie to know how much he loved her. As soon as Shirlie got his letter she got excited and was dancing all around.

So, when God’s ready he can do anything to put you in the path of the right man or woman, and he does whatever it takes to bring you closer to that person. My grandparents enjoy each other and cannot even imagine not being together because they are really ONE soul. They hardly quarrel anymore, and they thank God every single day to have blessed them with such good health and a wonderful family.

I wish every one of you have such an amazing journey with someone special in your life.

A couple of cute relationship quotes, I would like to dedicate to them follow:

-> “Happiness is having a girl as your wife which you love”

-> “God will do anything to bring you closer to the person if your love is true”


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