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Great sex can happen only when there is freedom. Is India getting to that space?

While India has a long way to go before it can be called a heaven for couples in love, there have been some positive developments in the past decade

Some cheering events in India with respect to sex in the past decade

Love is something far more than desire for sexual intercourse; it is the principal means of escape from the loneliness which afflicts most men and women throughout the greater part of their lives.” – Bertrand Russell

If only it was as simple as Russell states! Sexual compatibility has always been one of the main factors that determine the life of a relationship, whether we accept it or not. If love is a rainbow, great sex is the pot of gold that waits at its end. Great sex can happen only in a country where there is freedom to choose your partner, freedom from threat based on religion or caste, freedom to make love to your loved one even if they are of the same sex, and freedom and safety to say ‘No’.

Is India heading towards such a heaven?

Best Sex #1 The Supreme Court’s ruling about same-sex relationships

In August 2017, in a landmark ruling, the Supreme Court of our country unanimously declared that citizens have a right to privacy. Further, the Supreme Court stated that this right to privacy also includes the right to pursue a same-sex relationship. Sadly, there is no mention about Section 377 of the IPC in the ruling.

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This is how women can enforce their concept of consent in their relationships

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Tabooing inter-caste marriage is ‘absolutely illegal’: Says Supreme Court of India

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  1. I am a young Indian woman in her early twenties, and I can definitely say, there are many refreshing changes. And I am happy to be a youth in this period of time. I strongly believe in the freedom every single citizen of our country deserves in his/her sexual orientation and the choices they make regarding that. However, as we all know, a majority of our country still considers sex as a taboo. They still consider sex to be something that ought to be practiced with a licence of marriage, and only between a husband and wife. It’s high time we feel the loopholes in our belief system and open the windows of our understanding about individual differences and the right to make choices that do not sync with that of our own . A wonderful piece.

  2. Let the LOVE prevail!! Let us know everyone that we Indians value love because we actually know what love is. I hope someday we can be what can be known as heaven for couples or simply land of love

  3. India is surely progressing to make the country such a heaven and in the past few years, India has taken steps to treat all the citizens equally. So, I hope in the coming future India will be a safe place for every kind of relationship.

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