Hamari Naarazgi!

Raksha Bharadia

A friend was sharing about a fight with her spouse and this thought struck me. Though in her head it was a new issue, with a new peg and a new hurt all I could see was the wheel….turning round and round, again and again.

During our conversation this came to me as a flash!

What happens when we fight with our beloved? When we take offence of something they have done or said or did not do or did not say? We show our disapproval to them. There are many ways. Some give the cold freeze, others scream in anger, some try and explain through words, in most cases we withhold our love. We keep our affections away, ourselves away.

And then we sit and watch.

How uncomfortable hamari naarazgi makes our beloved!

And when our beloved shows signs of distress, our hearts are comforted…we know the resolve will happen but once again we know we matter! Matter enough to make the other anxious…then in their anxiousness lies our happiness!

Why do fights have such a bad name?

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