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What happened when Barack Obama and Prince Harry met? Bromance

Prince Harry interviewed the former POTUS Barack Obama

It is no secret that the former POTUS Barack Obama and the charming Prince Harry share a healthy camaraderie. Backing up this fact is the Daily Mirror’s royal correspondent, Victoria Murphy, who has said, “Prince Harry does have a real, genuine friendship with both Barack and Michelle Obama. They’ve worked together a lot, they have a lot of shared interests, they’ve collaborated on a lot of things.”

Barack agreed to come as a guest on BBC Radio 4’s Today program where the host, Prince Harry, was more than ready to welcome the statesman.

barak and prince
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In a teaser released by the Kensington Palace’s official Twitter account, we find the prince-president duo indulge in some casual bromance, before the main interview that will be broadcast on December 27, 2017.

barack-obama and prince harry
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We can see some casual banter being exchanged in this sneak peek. Prince Harry and Barack are quickly catching up with some bromance before the serious interview.

Barack is in his full-on jovial and cool-dude mode when he jokingly asks if he has to ‘speak faster’ or take a ‘British accent’. The Prince in his serio-comic manner responds in the negative and says “But if you start using long pauses between the answers, you’re going to get the face.” He makes a sharp look at Barack.

It was refreshing to watch these two important faces delve into some light conversation before things turned all serious.

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Not at all ashamed to say that within 48 seconds of a teaser, Barack and Harry have given us some major bromance goals.

prince and barak talking
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While Barack and Harry turn to some more pressing issues about the betterment of humanity, why don’t you let us know who is that one person with whom you share a solid bromance?

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