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Happiness with him

Hello Reader’s,

This post is completely my personal experience within an year. Its one year of my marriage. There were so many ups and downs. So many happiness n sadness. So many fightings and so much of love too.

Truely speaking, frustration is obvious after this much trouble.

When you get a life partner, you expect a lot of things from them, whether its worth or not it hardly matters. At the starting phase of every married life, everyone, especially girls expect alot from her loved ones. Btw, it is not good to expect all single happiness at the beginning of the new phase of life. Wel, I dnt know about all other girls, I can say about myself that I am a very impatient girl. I lose patience very quickly. Let me tell you this is the worst thing to do when you enter into the new phase of life. You have to keep patience to get the things which you expect from your soulmate. These small things can lead to fightings and lots of sadness and never ending arguements.

Let me tell, in last one year, we have been to different places for some changes. For honeymoon we went to Europe. Yes! It was awsome days and moments of my life. I can never forget the moments which I enjoy with him every second. After that we have been to more different places. Recently we went to Darjeeling n Gangtok for our 1st wedding anniversary. You know what, I have never been so happy in my life before my marriage.

Starting phase of marriage was very challenging and frustrating for me. There were several problems which I used to face due to different thinking, different choices and so on.. But now I am relaxed. My husband is a man of my dream. He is very supportive and helpful. You won’t believe, he never left me alone. He always stood behind me as a support.

For all girls, you will not be able to enjoy the starting days after your marriage because the things will down slowly. Before I used to feel life I am having lot of pain. I have been sent to some prison.


Today I feel that I am happy only when I am with my husband. I can’t live without him even for a second. I have got his habit. I don’t know its good or bad, but, I need him even when I eat(most important part of my life it was??)

I love my husband more than anything without any condition. Hey! I dnt love him because he is my husband.. I love him because he is really awsome.. So, I’m happy with him..

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