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Happy Endings!

Well what is your idea of happy endings?

For most of us is when the perosn concern win or situation ends as what they want. Isn’t it? For example, we find it happy ending when the story end with their lead character living together happily. But my question is this the right definition of happy ending?

No not for me! This is fantasy ending not happy ending and this ending is feeded into our subconscious by fairytale love stories and movies and this is one of the factor why most of the people are not happy with their life because they didn’t get their fantasy ‘happy ending’. They forget to realize that their life is real not a fairytale!

Because of these ‘perception’ of happy endings we fail to see the real happy endings and feel sad about those endings!

For example what would be the happy ending for a last stage cancer patient? Answer is death! yes the same death which our fantasy mind can never link with happy but for a person who is suffering from hell with knowing that there is no cure of it, death is happy ending. For you his life ended and that a sad thing but for him his misery ended and that’s a happy thing.

This is what we need to realize, endings are endings. It’s us who define them as happy or bad. Think positive and every ending will be a happy ending. A person can cry over a breakup and that perosn can smile beacuse that breakup will lead him to someone better. It all depend on your perception. Endings are endings, there is nothing like happy or bad endings.

If you think, a relationship breaks before marriage is not good then you’re wrong, they might get divorced after marriage. The idea here is stop tagging endings to sad or happy. Endings are endings and meant for end.

Most people in this world has lost hope in life because of not getting the fantasy happy ending, they are just waiting for the end and that’s the scariest thing, losing hope.

Happy ending is a myth, Not every time things will end according to you but this doesn’t mean you have to be sad instead be happy, because you can’t do anything about the things which are ended but with happy start, you will definetely get what you want.

So, don’t mix endings with feeling and start a new thing because it’s life it doesn’t end until you complete your journey. Just enjoy every part of it.

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  1. Although I agree with you on that part of wanting a fairytale a version rather than accepting our real lives; don’t you think they are tagged as happy and sad for a reason? I see it as a simple affair. Everyone wants sadness to end and no one wants happiness to.

    Happy endings are not a myth. They too happen to realistic folks as well.

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