Has masturbation caused my leakage now?

I leak a few drops of urine five to ten minutes after urinating, what's wrong with me?
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Dear Sir,

I have been facing leakage issue after peeing for last 2 years. I am a 24-year-old male. Could you please suggest whether this is a serious concern and what I can do to curb it? May I also know the reason why I am facing this and whether it will affect my sex life also? And it occurs every time after peeing. Normally within 5-10 minutes whenever you sit after peeing, there is some leakage of urine. It occurs each time after peeing, within 5-10 min. The amount is as such not much. Is masturbation is the reason for this?

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Dr. Paras Shah says:


The male urethra is like a pipe and is curvy, so after urination, there might be few drops left in the pipe which come out a few minutes later. This is normal.


Masturbation is not causing it. The tube carrying urine and semen is the same after a junction, but once the bladder valve is closed, only then the semen can be released. And once the seminal vesicle wall is closed, urine is released.

Almost everyone masturbates and it does not cause any leakage.

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