He gives me space & freedom

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Every relationship requires some sort of adjustments and some compromises. At the bottom of our heart, we all wish to have the perfect partner forever. But as they say, “No-one is perfect” and the perfect partners are found only in movies.

For me, I like to have the personal space and freedom to do things I love to do. Before my marriage, I was always scared for this and feared that I will have to take permissions every now and then to do things of my choice. However, my spouse provided me enough freedom and space in the relationship. And this is the best thing in my partner, which I never want to change in him. Ever since I have met him, he has given me the total freedom to do things I love to do.

We both give each other space, freedom and all the trust to be our self. He usually enjoys his boys trip and I am either busy with my family or friends. We both share our experiences at the end of the day or so without judging each other. I believe that this is the strongest point of our relationship.

I can be as free as like free bird nevertheless fulfill the responsibilities of married women. We both don’t believe in being the possessive partners to stick with each other all the time. We believe in space because this space provides the time to understand self-better, this space provides time to miss each other and this space also strengths our other social relations.

Love does not hold the person tightly, love is set free and trusts that love will never ever fade away. One of the most effective factor of providing space and freedom is the thing I never want to change in my hubby.

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