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He- My Obssession

Hello Readers,Yes! He is the only one person/thing left on this Earth, with whom I’m obssessed. He is the only living thing who has just trashed me out of all living & non living thing by making me crazy. I am not able to see anything now, sometimes I feel that, M I blind??But no, I’m not blind. Actually I’m obssessed with him. Whether Good or Bad, I dnt know, but this is the only truth of my life now. He is someone who is necessary for my eyes at every moment, sometimes facetime becomes compulsary even in office hours. Truely speaking, I’m obssessed with everything which make me feel very different related to him whether I talk about his fragrance, lips, smile, beard n I guess it will take alot of time to write in words completely. Sorry, not possible to write that much as there are uncountable things.His fragrance is now in my breath which completely drives me crazy to get him by my side. Love to sit in front of him and stare at him. I save his every move in my mind for the time he is unavailable in front of me i.e. Office hours or sometyms wen he is out of town.Yes! He has created disbalance in my mind as I’m not able to do anything when he is not there. He has some kind of power which attracts me towards him. Which doesnot allow me to focus anywhere except him.Finally, he is none other than my hubby himself. I dnt knw, “if my disease is curable or not!?” ?If it is non curable then also I will be happy and live forever with him :)Love my Hubby like anything and will love till the ppl saying that they will bring stars for their lovers dnt bring 😉

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