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He never says; he never shows

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He never says, he never shows,

He never said those three golden words..

But still his love for me is divine .

I never can stop craving for it.

He hides his love….but still I see,

He hides his feelings….but still I sense,

He hides his emotions….but still I feel,

Can he ever understand…  His hiding nature pulls me to Him.

He treats me like a teenager,

He pampers me like a child.

He senses my untold agony,

What more can I expect?

But still he never says the golden words of love,

He never poses for a close up pic,

He never is the first one to wish for those special days,

But still his love is what I crave.

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  1. That is when you are truely in love. Where even silence has its own charm and words do not need to be expressed to convey love.

  2. Actions indeed speak louder! I would also much rather have someone who showers me with love everyday than just saying itself because he has to.

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