He stopped talking to me due to incompatibility of family

Mutual Disagreement

Q: I have been in a relationship since the past six years with a man who is 12 years my senior. We do not have problems between ourselves and our fights are always regarding our families as our families are not cordial to each other. They hardly communicate. Things got worse and now are so serious that he is not on talking terms with me. He is avoiding interaction with my friends and has blocked me on social media. How do I get him back? 

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A: One golden rule of partnership. No matter how angry or upset you may be or how bad things seem, do not, Yes, Do not say anything about the parents. However, not all is lost.

Look for ways to speak with him. Do your families, speak with either of you? Can any of your friends or relatives initiate a conversation?

I heard you say, that there isn’t a problem between the two of you, but something has happened that he has stopped all communication with you. How were things before he stopped communication? Where was the relationship headed at that time?  These are a few questions that you do need answer and think about.

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