Affair and Cheating

He thought he’d have a good time with a younger woman, she asked him for a loan

He was all excited to finally meet the younger woman he'd become friends with online and she was as good as promised, until...
Younger woman and older man

I parked my SUV below a rain tree. There were many in a row, a few of the delights that Bangalore has still to offer. It was quite harsh sunshine around but on this road a shaded peace prevailed. At 2:30, the traffic was sparse. I needed a space where no one would notice me or the passenger who was about to board. I had to wait for ten minutes before she appeared in my rear-view mirror.

Here she comes!

She was covering half of her face in a scarf, in typical Bangalore style. It might be the sun or her apprehension of being seen here boarding an SUV. She seemed lighter and shorter than her pictures on social media. ‘Actress, thinker and enjoyer of life’, her profile tag bragged. In old unbranded jeans and a striped, wrinkled Tee, she was an antithesis to my expectations.

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