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How a healthy sex life keeps you healthy

Sex is fun and good for you. People do not want to talk about sex in India, but it is a basic need and provides many health benefits
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Sex gives you joy and health

Sex is a basic human need. It is just as important as food, clothing and shelter. Apart from reproduction and satisfying the need, sex has many health benefits. Not just that, it helps to keep a person happy. Sex makes the bond stronger and increases the level of intimacy among partners. Affection, care, love, understanding and a deeper connect with your spouse, are just a few of the many benefits of having sex. From reducing stress levels to reducing the risk of some types of cancer, having a healthy sex life makes a person’s life longer. Here are just a few of the many health benefits of having a good sex life.

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Reduce stress and BP

Want to bust your stress? Have more sex. It is scientifically proven that having more sex can actually reduce stress levels and thereby works as a good medicine to control high blood pressure. The release of certain hormones while having sex is known to be good for the blood pressure control. Moreover, while having sex, one tends to forget about all problems in life and enjoy the pure pleasure associated with it.

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