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Heartbroken? Get over it!


Ever got that lonely feeling where you think nobody, ABSOLUTELY NOBODY cares about you at all! Ever thought “Why did he break up with me? Am I that bad?” ME too!

I just got out of a relationship which was three years long. My relationship was perfect where I thought I had got the man of my dreams! We used to go out together and have breakfast, lunch and dinner whenever possible, go to far off places in my car, go on long rides in his bike and romance in the rain. Even with all the fist fights, our arguments, I screaming on top of my voice in the middle of the road “Don’t talk to me ever again” and the break up scenes, there was love. But then, it happened. The bridges fell apart. Something which I never thought would happen, happened! He told me those three magical words which no one would want to hear! “LET’S BREAK UP”. So, I know how exactly how people out there feel!

I have so much work to do at home and so much to study, but I CANNOT! Reason? I rewind my brain way too much where I go back to the time where I remember every word he told me during our break-up. It keeps playing in my mind like a song and the fact that he left me standing on the road in the heavy rain without even saying goodbye. Small things make a big difference! The least he could have done was say a goodbye. By then, I knew it was over. I wasn’t ready to accept the fact that it was over and not to mention, I cried myself to sleep for a few days. Finally, I decided to move on because I knew that if I don’t move on in life and not study, my life will go nowhere and I’ll be the one ruining my own life.

So, then, I made up my mind NOT to think about the awful break up I had and that it was time to MOVE ON! Have you heard this quote? “Heads up, stay strong, fake a smile, move on!” This quote is my all-time favorite and THIS is what I did and trust me, I did WONDERS!

I went on to study for my finals and every time I had a break, I made myself a cup of coffee and some pasta. I used my phone a lot lesser than before and I feel so relieved about it. My phone used to be my distraction! I don’t feel stressed anymore! In fact, I feel like I have more free time which is why I’ve started writing snippets and playing badminton! I also started drawing and painting and above all, I started discovering myself and what I was capable of!

My personal opinion is, I think it’s good not to have a boyfriend unless you can manage all the drama and tantrums along with studies and work. Moreover, you need to find a man who will encourage you to do the things which you think you can’t do! A REAL GENTLEMAN!


So I would like you all to think about a few answers to the questions I’m going to be asking you. You can also tell me what happened in your life and I could give you whole list of the things you could do to discover yourself and be a better person and have a chance to show your ex what you are capable of!

Why do you still have to cry about getting over a man who doesn’t care about the tears you drop?

Don’t you think your mascara is way too expensive to get smudged?

Would you ruin your own life thinking about why your ex-boyfriend left you or start working on your life and making the most of it?

You only live once and if you live right, once is enough! Haven’t you heard about this line?

It’s time you stop thinking about things that’ll never happen and start thinking about all the awesome things you can become!

I wish you all the best and do send me your experiences about how good your life has become or how you got over your ex to my e-mail id

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