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Her name is Hope

Her name is HOPE!

She is a thought

A journey

A destination

She is everything you need

She trembles

She falls

She gets back up

She survives

If you have her

So will you…

She inspires you to start

She will conspire you to move ahead

She will help you heal

She has the zeal

You lose her sometimes

But that isn’t the end

If you look for her

You will find her

Quietly waiting in the corner

To be found

Without her

Life will seem unfair

Without her

Life will seem meaningless

Without her

Life will seem lifeless

If you find her

Don’t ever let her go

She is your courage

Your strength

She is that little twinkling feeling in your stomach

Every time you feel something new

She is the destination

To your life long journey

And I lovingly call her HOPE!

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