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Here are some bedroom secrets!

Each person’s fetishes are different but some of the common bedroom yay and nay secrets can help you make your sex life more fulfilling.
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Into the world of sexual fantasies

Straight, bi or gay, each individual has sexual fantasies. While some of those fantasies can be an absolute pleasure to do in bed, others could be a major turn off for your partner. Couples need to be spontaneous and instinctive when it comes to sex, but just how far can you go to make your fantasies a reality?

Things that are ‘yay’

1. Blowjob

Girls, let me be brutally honest, men love to get a blowjob. And if it is kept clean, it ain’t that bad. Men like their asset being worshiped by a woman. As crass as it may sound, if done with mutual consent and with full involvement from both, a blowjob can be the most sensual foreplay which can turn your man on. For some women however a blowjob is literally a job. Stroking up and down and sometimes gagging can get a little uncomfortable, but it is just yet another gesture to show your man, that you are completely surrendering yourself to his love for you.

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