Here’s how Alicia Souza’s illustrations will make you fall in love with your man a little more, everyday

Alicia Souza is a Bangalore-based illustrative designer and entrepreneur who runs a company that manufactures diverse quirky, funky and artistic merchandise online under her label. Right from her childhood days, Alicia was intrigued by pencils and colours. And she never let that imagination and mystery drop while growing up and running the career race.

When asked about her source of inspiration, she told Your Story, “There isn’t just one source, the entire world is my source of inspiration.”

Alicia tied the knot in April 2017 with architect and photographer George Seemon.

Alicia with john
Alicia with john

Two years into their relationship, Seemon had proposed to Alicia in the cutest way possible!

And Alicia had responded in her usual wonky and creative manner!

Alicia announced her own marriage to the world with the loudest bang possible and introduced her love ‘George’ to the entire world with a whole website dedicated to him called ‘Dearest George’.

In a series of illustrations, Alicia captures the everyday episodes of home, love and laughter with George, their pet dog, Charles Brown and guinea pig, Henry Oats.

Let us take a look what the warmth of everyday love feels like.

When he makes up with a *smooch*.

That joy when your man notices your ‘haircut’, new ‘nosering’ or even your ‘manicured nails’!

When it’s November (or not) and your man is all beardo on you.

Do you do the ‘love touch’?

Well, after seeing these adorable illustrations, I am off to order some lovey-dovey merchandise from Alicia’s super awesome online store.

What are you waiting for? You have a man to declare your love to!


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