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Here’s why Shahrukh Khan and Gauri are trending!

We can't get enough of these two ever..
Shahrukh and gauri

On 27th September, 2017, Gauri Khan tweeted a picture with her better half at Vogue’s recent award ceremony and here we are on 28th September, still feeling the throbs. Gauri felt that words were absolutely superfluous when it came to describe the significance of Shahrukh in her life. Hence, the single heart emoticon as caption. But we all know the good old proverb; a picture says a thousand words, right?

Here, check out Gauri’s tweet.

And millions of fans joined their hearts with Gauri’s and called them the real ‘Badshah’ and ‘Begum’.

Here’s another one.
Wow. This person considers the couple his very own family! *Heart touching*

It’s true, Gauri looks totally smitten in love with Shahrukh and she could barely keep her eyes off him. But it seems Shahrukh also wasn’t going to let his Queen out of sight that easily. Story summary – the school-time sweethearts ended up playing Let’s Battle our Eyes in the entire ceremony.

If Gauri has been Shahrukh’s good luck charm and bedrock of support, Shahrukh has been the husband and the doting father. Together with their unshakeable bond, unbreakable trust and envious camaraderie they have ended up giving major couple goals.

And no wonder, they’ve have made us believe in modern fairy tales too!

Shahrukh and Gauri khan have been married for over two decades now; and the only observation is that this charismatic couple’s is love has only aged well – like a good bottle of wine.

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Thank you, Shahrukh and Gauri for showing how beautiful it is to grow old with the person we love!

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