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How to hint to your spouse that you want sex in a joint family setup

How do you let your spouse know when you want sex but are in a typical joint family setup?
Sex in joint family

The more the merrier?

Research has shown that a joint family provides a better nurturing environment for a kid to grow up in. But a joint family setup may also become a hindrance for getting to that point. Whether by design or by default, they come in the way of a couple’s personal space. Here’s how you can get through to your partner without raising suspicion. But remember: don’t use one trick too often.

1. Tea with two teaspoons

As old wives’ tales go, two spoons in a tea saucer means marriage for the person who receives it. Make it your call for emergency intensive action when you serve to the whole household. Slip in an extra spoon in your partner’s tea saucer and let him know what you mean by that beforehand. Once he receives the cryptic message, watch him get all flustered trying to find an excuse to be with you.

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